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MecaMate is an International Organization
of Automotive Aftermarket Consultancy Expert

Strategic Automotive Consulting

Strategic Automotive Consulting.

Business Optimization for Workshop & Spare Parts Business

Business Optimization for Workshop and Spare Parts Business.

Local & International Business Development

Local & International Business Development.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management (As Post Covid 19 Business Restart).

MecaMate Introduction


The automotive aftermarket consultancy in one address.
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Few Key Numbers

Our consultants have managed in their professional life.
Yearly Growth
IAM Budget Worldwide
OES Budget Worldwide
People Trained for Commercial and Technical Expertise
Fast Fit Workshop Creation Around the World



MecaMate Strategic Consulting

EMEA, Turkey

MecaMate Automotive App & Software

Switzerland, Italy, Middle East & North Africa

MecaMate International Other Footprints



MecaMate Aftermarket Operation Support


MecaMate Crisis Management


MecaMate Aftermarket & Workshop Organization

Core Business

MecaMate Strategic Automotive Consulting

Support to Drive Your Aftermarket Organization

  • Design & Execute Business Strategies
  • Value Management / Value Pricing
  • Products & Services Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Distribution Network Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Negotiation Technics
  • MecaMate Aftermarket and Workshop Organization

    Support to Boost Spare Parts Business and Workshop Performance

  • IAM/OES Spare Parts Business Performance Diagnostic & Optimization
  • Workshop Efficiency Performance Diagnostic & Optimization
  • Commercial Performance & Productivity Management
  • Aftermarket Team Coaching
  • MecaMate Aftermarket Operation Support

    Grow Your Business Operation From Sourcing to Sales Operation

  • Sourcing Strategy & Support
  • Sales Strategy & Support
  • Delegated Business Development
  • Commercial Agency Service
  • Commercial Support for Turkey, Middle East and North African countries
  • MecaMate Crisis Management

    Support Your Business to Manage Crisis and to Restart Operation

  • Crisis Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Damaged Containment Program
  • Design Strategy to Restart Business Post Crisis
  • Task Force Creation to Support Your Operation
  • Post Crisis Company Attractivity
  • MecaMate Automotive App & Software

    Aftermarket E-Business

  • Support Companies to deploy OES/OAM B2B/B2C online solutions, Smartphone Application and Software
  • MecaMate

    The Automotive Aftermarket Consultancy at Your Fingertips

    Your Consultants

    Long-Term Strategic Approach | Next Gen Creator

    Serap Bahariren


  • 300 Million € OES business with Honeywell
  • Franchise Network designed & launched in Turkey & North Africa with Garrett (Garrett Authorized Center)
  • Parker Store concept in Turkey and Eastern Europe
  • MultiCultural Trainer: 250 People (North Africa /Turkey)

  • Business Background | Key Competences

  • Automotive & Aftermarket, Turbocharger, IAM/OES Organization Expert, Strategic Consulting, Customer Marketing, Market sizing, CRM, Distribution & Network Management, Complex Problem Solving, Cross Cultural Communicator Specialist of Turkish, Middle East South African & European Regions.

  • Business Experience: 20 years in Automotive, Medical/Pharma & Retail Industry

  • 4 Years Honeywell, 7 years Parker Hannifin, 5 years Volvo
  • 2 years Boston Scientific, 2 Years Fresenius Kabi
  • 5 years Carrefour

  • Expertise | MecaMate Leader for:

  • Worldwide Strategic Consulting
  • Smart App for Automotive Aftermarket
  • European and Turkish market

    • Based in Spain
    • Turkish / Fluent Speaker
    • English / Fluent Speaker
    • French / Intermediary
    Mid Term Strategic & Tactical Approach | Growth Creator

    Julien Le Grix


  • 319M€ Turnover with Garrett, over 27 Countries
  • 90 Renault Minutes workshops open over the world
  • Has led, cross functional audit teams with BCG, Ernst & Young and Roland Berger
  • EMEA Distribution Network Manager over 27 countries
  • MultiCultural Trainer: 500 People over MEA

  • Business Background | Key Competences

  • Automotive & Aftermarket Expert, Technical Parts + Wear & Tear Market, Turbocharger Market, IAM/OES Organization, Strategic Consulting, Workshop Organization, Distribution & Network Management, Business Development, Sales Management, Technical & Commercial Training, Cross Cultural Communicator Specialist of European, Turkish, Arabic Market

  • Business Experience: 22 years in Automotive

  • 13 Years Honeywell – Garrett
  • 7 Years Renault - Nissan
  • 2 Years MecaPlusEquipement as Export Director

  • Expertise | MecaMate Leader for:

  • Worldwide Strategic Consulting
  • EMEA Automotive Aftermarket consulting for Workshop Organization and OES/IAM parts Business
  • European and MEA Market Expert

    • Based in Switzerland
    • French / Fluent Speaker
    • English / Fluent Speaker
    • German / Intermediary
    Technical Market Approach Optimizer | Opportunity Business Catcher

    Fabrice Fachin


  • IAM Sales & Marketing Director France & BNL for OEM KSPG
  • Building from scratch to 40 M€ TO/Year French IAM Pierburg network
  • Building from scratch to 30 M€ TO/Year French & UK AAG Technical parts portofoglio, members & subsidaries training courses
  • More than 3000 garages, workshops & distributor employees trained on emission control and motor management

  • Business Background | Key Competences

  • Automotive & Aftermarket Expert
  • Motor Management & Emission Control Specialist
  • IAM Organization, Channels, Distribution & Network Management
  • Business Development, Sales Management
  • Technical & Commercial Trainings
  • European Cross Cultural Background

  • Business Experience: 20 years in Automotive

  • 15 years Kolbenschmidt - Pierburg
  • 2 years AAG (GPC Group)
  • 3 years US Refrigeration Control (Parker Group)

  • Expertise | MecaMate Leader for:

  • European Strategic Consulting & Market Expert
  • Automotive Aftermarket Consulting for Workshop Organization and OES/IAM Technical Parts Business Development
  • Sales & Technical Product Build Up Strategy

    • Based in France
    • French / Fluent Speaker
    • English / Fluent Speaker
    • Italian / Fluent Speaker
    • Spanish / Intermediary
    Digital & E-learning Leader | Next Technology Expert

    Stéphane Kubiak


  • Launch of extended IAM Multi-brand Network In France for Autodistribution (2000 AD outlets)
  • Technical training Implementation for cars with the latest technology
  • French distribution Strategy design for Euro 5 Technical parts with the Purchasing Group market leader
  • Digital catalogues and marketplace creation & development with the French Automotive Purchasing Group market leader

  • Business Background | Key Competences

  • Automotive & Aftermarket Expert
  • French OES & IAM market
  • Commercial Strategy & Marketing for technical parts and accessories
  • E-learning training design for commercial and technical team
  • IAM Organization, Channels, Distribution & Network Management
  • Business Development, Sales Management
  • Motorsport

  • Business Experience: 27 years in Automotive

  • 7 years with Ferrari France
  • 19 years with Auto Distribution
  • 2 years with Automotor France

  • Expertise | MecaMate Leader for:

  • Automotive E-learning
  • Automotive Smart Application Design
  • Automotive Aftermarket consulting for Workshop Organization and OES/IAM
  • Technical Trade Development

    • Based in France
    • French / Fluent Speaker
    • English / Intermediary


    Gerardo Gimeno

    I have been working with Julien over the last 6 and 1/2 years in Honeywell Turbo Technologies at the IAM Business Unit.
    Julien possess a great expertise in OES and IAM Automotive sales, managing key strategic markets and delivering continuous growth through a very efficient channel management, proved by the excellent share of demand in his assigned markets. Moreover, Julien is very creative in the sales environment, identifying new business opportunities and being a benchmark for the rest of the team in that respect.
    Furthermore, Julien has a multi-cultural mindset that enables him to be a successful Manager in any international Sales organization.
    Thanks to his background, his Six Sigma and SMP certifications, Julien is also strong in Project Management with cross functional teams.
    With no doubt I will always would like to have Julien in my team, as he's not only hard worker, efficient and assertive with customers, but also fun to work with.

    Gerardo Gimeno VP of Sales Commercial Vehicles at Leclanché SA

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